Drea barked into her Comlink, “Ruthie, Danaya get back to the Horizon.”

“Forget it, Horizon is gone,” Ruthie’s responded.

“WHAT?” Danaya asked almost in tears.

“We’ve completely lost connect.” Ruthie barked, “What about the missile launch pad.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

Jet was too far off to get to Drea’s ship. “Damn girl we were supposed to do this together.”

“No time, get these shuttles to base camp.”

“Drea, don’t do anything stupid.”

“Are you kidding? It’s a little late for that.” What was strange was the fact that she had never cared about anything. No causes, no groups, no relationships. Now she was about to risk her life for colonists. Yet the truth was she felt it was worth it. She was never prouder of her friends or herself.

The SR10 rolled over and did a tumbling move leveling off at tree height. She made a desperate dash for the coordinates where the hidden launch pad should be. There she needed to create a hotter spot than her own engines to misdirect the missiles and destroy the battery at the same time.

She put the SR10 onto a collision course with the launch pad as the main battery lasers began firing on her. She ignored the beams and the fact that she would probably not outlive the encounter. She pushed open the throttle. She had one chance to make it work she had to get closer to the battery before she launched her own missiles.

Drea flicked the arming switch on her console. She then activated the guidance systems. As she hit the correct distance to the target the system automatically launched one of the decoy missiles they used to confuse the enemies’ scanners.

The missile jettisoned out and she pulled hard to the right and away from the course the missile was taking. She caught the firing of its motor out the corner of her eye. Had it not fired it was too late to arm another one. As she climbed she saw the launch range clearly for a moment. It was much larger than any of them had expected. This must have been their main base. The other bases were probably diversions to keep the targeting away until they bombed the hell out the settlement. No one would have seen it coming.

Drea pulled the SR10 into a sudden turn back to the left, away again toward the range. The battery lasers were in the center of her console screen. If her plan didn’t work, she would have to take her ship right down their throats Kamikaze style. She bet this was one technique the Khad never heard of.

Her own missile appeared on the screen and detonated. If she was lucky the other missiles locked on to the decoy, they would follow down into the maelstrom just below the ship. That would be something she would not see. An armor piecing laser ripped thought the hull of her ship just missing her helmet. The ship tumbled out of control as huge parts of the fuselage went flying in all directions.

From the distance all eyes were on their console screen as the remains of the S10 fell beyond their view. At that moment an eruption could be felt from even that distance. The inferno that was once the Launch range left no doubt that her sacrifice was not in vain. “GOTCHA.”


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