“Drea this is Alison, my Shuttle is under attack.”

“Alison what is your position?”

“We’re getting our butts kicked up here.”

“This is Drea I’m coming to assist you. Jet; return to the Horizon. There’s no point in both of us getting killed.”

“Who said anything about getting killed?” Jet changed course to catch up with Drea who had a big lead on her.

Drea’s ship cut in front of the emergency shuttle and steered towards the incoming interceptor missiles.

“Listen to me, I will increase my forward force field and discharge a solar burst. Hopefully this will cause the missiles to lock on to me and I can lead them away from you.”

“Can’t we just blow them out the sky?” Tatiana asked.

“Not a chance, I might get two or three but the others will have you guys. They have to be lead away from you.”

Jetsenia arrive just in time to see Drea’s maneuver. She watched the bright flash appeared in the sky as the shuttle went one way and the S10 went the other. It worked as the missiles turned to follow Drea and were easy targets for Jet’s pulse cannons.

Then their missile warning system lit up again. This time it was further off. Off to their left they saw a white flash. “Something has just launched.” Jet announced.

“This one is way too big to be ordinary rocket.” Drea added. “Where the hell did it come from?”

“Drea those sneaky bastards have a hidden launch base.” 

“No shit Alison. But where is it located? Run a diagnostic Ruthie.” Drea ordered. “Hurry before it reaches our altitude.”

Ruthie’s ship had advanced computer relays that the others lacked. “I’m on it.” Her onboard screen lit up with schematics of images. Then it read possible alien technology. “I got a ninety percent match. It’s a dual stage ICBM.”

“I lock in the coordinates when the missile launched.” Tati shouted. “The base is twenty kilometers down east. Oh, shit guys their target has just revealed itself. Drea It’s the COMPOUND!”


At the Compound Matt and the colonist received the message, “They’re a lot smarter than we gave them credit for,” Deforest said to Matt with a dejected sigh.

“Yeah, BASTARDS,” Matt said sporting a glower, “Where in the hell did they get those long-range missiles?”

Maggie heard him and walked over, “They were probably already there hidden in solos.”

“I thought they were abandon and empty.” Matt admitted, “I wanted to nuke them anyway,” He turn to look for April, “But that would have been an act of aggression. Omori Shi may be ugly, but he’s no fool.” 

The loud speaker boomed; “INCOMING”

Matt realized all eyes were on him. “OKAY. Time for plan B!”

“There’s a plan B?” Maggie asked.

Sadia just smiled at her. “There is now,”

“EVERYONE, TO THE COMPOUND!” Matt yelled, “FORCE FIELD FILL MAXIMUM POWER, everyone inside and hold on to something and brace yourselves.”

First there was a sonic boom then the projectile hit the barrier. The explosion and shockwave was surprisingly mild. “THE FORCE FIELD HELD,” Sadia screamed.

Matt took a deep breathe, on the screen it showed how much power remained in the generator. “Strike team, do you read me?”

“Drea here, You guys still there?”

“Yes, but we won’t be if we sustain another missile hit. You have got to take out that Launch base or it Farewell,”

“Understood, pray for us. Drea out,” and they all began to pray.



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