The Horizon launched all Airships capable of entering atmosphere. The shuttlecrafts were equipped with pulse cannons rail guns and missile-launchers. Drea and Jet were in the lead. The others flew behind in formation, The Fighter Hawks watching the rear. All the crew had to do was find the targets. They would hit the advancing troops from above scatter them and stop all movement. Then they could drop assault teams to pen them down giving the compound time to regroup and send out its counter attack.

The big shuttle with its armored plated hull led the way. Onboard Alison and Tatianna and the paratroopers led by Mike and Bob O’Donovan waited anxiously for their turn at the action.

The Emergency Shuttle was being piloted by Ruthie and Danaya. The shuttle itself was an aerial fortress though its primary function was to bring medical assistance and transport the wounded to anywhere it was needed.

Everything was planned like clockwork, but as always, the enemy had other ideas. Mobile launchers had been carefully hidden awaiting any possible air strike and they began firing their deadly barrage as soon as the ships were in range.

The entire company of SRA-10’s had been converted with antimissile detectors. Along with attack computers they had equipment that identified an enemy position before the missiles were launched. They would have to take out three sets of battery launchers before they could target the fighters. “Can you get a fix on them?” Drea asked.

“Negative. Ah hell it looks like they just got a fix on us.”

“Better take it. We are almost out of time.”

“Got you it, the weapon is a surface to air interceptor.

The first stage is for propulsion only. The second stage has an onboard guidance system that locks on to its target.

“They are targeting our fighters.”

“We need the fighters free to complete the mission.” Jetsenia informed her. “So, Who’s with me on this one?”

Drea knew that the only chance they had to knock out the launcher was to take on the missiles and give the team the chance to reach their objective.

“We’ll take care of the missiles.” Drea pulled the ship’s nose down as Jet followed. They turned into the oncoming missiles. The close proximity worked as the missiles were now turning down towards them. The lead missile locked on to Drea. She made a sharp turn that brought her ship away from Jet’s. When she felt at a comfortable distance she slammed into reverse and watched as the missile overshot her. She had a clear shot at its exhaust. As her laser blast hit the tail end the missile exploded in bright blinding light.

The second missile was locked on Jet’s ship and climbing to intercept. Jet threw the aircraft upright and used the excess airspeed to zoom up towards space. This placed the missile in a position where it could not make the turn required to intercept.

Drea had to turn hard right to keep distance from the missile. Than it exploded as Jet was able to hit it from behind with her laser. “Where’d you learn to do that?” Drea marveled.

“I used to teach this shit in flight school.”



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