Matt paced about. For him this was the worst time, everyone on edge and nothing he could about it. He looked up at Heaven’s Peak to survey the shadows when he noticed fluctuating particles too small to see with the naked eye were passing in front of it. He signaled for Sadia to make it over to the ledge overlooking the compound. Once there from overhead he could see that the energy field itself was quivering. Matt knew the weather could be an ominous development; still it would have to wait until later, as there were more pressing concerns. Dawn was about to break and the enemy was on its way.

He looked across at the settlers gathering near the field talking amongst themselves. Matt activated his com link. “Lower the field. Squadrons get ready to move out.”

“Squads one, two, three, and four get ready to take your positions.” O’D” the Squad leaders barked out orders as the teams hustled out to their position. Just a week ago none were even capable of running in bionic gear. Now they moved like a seasoned unit. Once in place the signal came through to reactivate the energy field. The green dome reappeared over the compound.

At that moment, the surrounding cannons sprang to life. Immediately it locked on to movement coming up the ridge through the desert plain. Matt swung his laser rifle in the direction of the signal. A single Khad soldier appeared, most likely an advanced scout. 

Matt wheeled around and lit up his com link. “This is not a drill this is for real,” the squads quickly took position along the perimeter, crouching tensely, the morning sunlight casting its shadow on the desert beyond. ‘NOT VERY SMART, LEADING AN ASSAULT INTO THE SUN.’

All was silent again. “What going on?” Sadia asked.

“They’re waiting.”

“For what?”

“Good question?” Matt stood up and stepped to the edge of the ledge.

“Had the single soldier been a scout sent to look over their defense?”

“Or are they just trying to fray nerves?” Matt looked directly at the dome of the energy field. The sun shined directly behind it and that was when he saw the top of the field sliced off by a wave in the sunlight. “Or has the attack already begun?”

Then they heard the rumble of thunder and Deforest pointed to the desert. There in front of them a giant shadow was hurdling their way. Soon everywhere was in darkness.


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