Thanks to their bionics the climb to the ledge was swift and easy. Sadia marveled at Matt who was graceful as a gazelle during the climb. Joseph was clumsy but managed to keep up. When they arrived at the look out the scene was spectacular and breath taking, but sightseeing was not their reason for being there. They worked their way around to the western side of the ledge and stopped short as Matt flung his arms out to his sides. Sadia was about to ask what was wrong but she never got the words out.

Beyond them as far as the eye could see was an army of shoulders in formation marching across the desert floor.

“They got all those guys in three ships?” Joseph’s humor though not appropriate made Matt smirk.

Matt realized he had seen all this before. He had stood on this ledge and looked out at this scene in a dream. Was this a part of his destiny? If it was then maybe there was no free will. It dawned on him that he had truly come full circle.

“My god Matt, what are we going to do?” Sadia asked with deep concern.

What she didn’t know was Matt’s brain was already at work on strategic designs and attacks to take the enemy out. He had already eliminated a third of the troops. He looked at Sadia face through her visor and saw the shock in her eyes. “Look, Storm this is how it is. This is either a view to our destruction or it’s a view to theirs. From this point on we need to be willing to annihilate. Not just defeat them but wipe them out utterly. They don’t take prisoners, they won’t be fighting fair and they look at Human’s as mutated primates. No mercy, no humanity just obliteration.”

The two stood silently as they looked out over the sea of soldiers moving toward them. They knew Matt was right and they figured with him on their side they might just stand a chance. Joseph turned to Matt. “You have been in this situation before?”

Matt laughed. “This? This ain’t shit. I’ve been in a lot worst then this.”

“What were your missions during the war?”

“They were all covert suicide missions.”

“Matt, you never told us that.”

“So how many?”

“Forty-nine. Give or take.”

“You’re lying.” Sadia yelled at him.

Matt gave her a very serious look. “I sure wish I was, believe me.”

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