Lorne was sure he was seeing things but there before him stood a man who looked like old man Peters. The problem was he left the old man at the hut still getting dressed. He moved fast but not that fast, When the two saw each other they both gave a look of surprise but said nothing.

Lorne was amazed that he was not only dressed identically but stood with the same lean in their stance.

“I received your message and here I am.” The old man said as he walked up to him.

“You sent the message to me.” Lorne said.

“We haven’t had an opportunity to talk in a long time.”

“We just spent the last hours discussing the invasion.”

Just then they both stopped as another Peters came hobbling up the path. When he saw them, he stopped at the sight of his twin.

“You!” the two Peters said at the same time.

They confronted each other. “Is this your doing?” One of the Peters asked.

“I received a priority alert message to meet here.”

They both looked at Lorne bewildered. “So, when were you two going to tell me there were two of you?” Lorne asked.

“It’s a long-complicated story.”

“I can explain it simple. We’re the same damn person.”

“Sure, that explains it; Idiot, now he’s more confused.”

The sky grew dark and the air was thick like an electric storm. Lorne had noticed it first. The wind was blowing wildly before the two Peters were conscious of what was happening around them.

Then the clouds parted and a black triangle craft emerged. The ship dropped a shuttle craft silently almost to the ground and hovered in front of the three of them. The triangle ship returned into the clouds as the craft landed. A man in a red spacesuit walked toward them. He stopped and removed his helmet. He was another old man Peters.

“Now, I’m really confused.” Lorne said sarcastically. The third old man was so eerily the same as the others he even though he wore a spacesuit. “How many of you are there?”

After a moment of reflection, the three busted out in laughter.

“Where did you come from?” The one of the twins was curious to know.

“I’m the Alpha time traveler.”

“You, but I am.”

“It became necessary to allow you to believe that.”

The two twins looked at each other in horror.

“If someone who travelled back in time to change the future he would really be changing the past or in this case his past. His interactions have the unwanted side effect of voiding the first traveler’s influence on his past and therefore the second traveler’s actions.”

“So, what are you doing here?”

“Well to put it bluntly for the first time since we started the events have taken a completely unpredictable direction.”

“Matt Stewart?” They both said at the same time.

“The real question is; will it matter.”

Lorne studied the faces of the old men as the reality came over him. “Then, you don’t know how this battle will turn out?”

“This may decide the future of the entire Human Race.”


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