Matt stopped in his tracks when he saw Sadia in her black body suit. It was the same the Black Knight’s wore under their armored spacesuits when going into battle. He wondered where she got it from. Then she picked up a High-Powered Pulse rifle.

Matt realized that he was looking at the very same vision from his dream. “Storm,” He said softly. “Have I come full circle?” At that moment, he came to terms with the truth about his feeling for her.

When she saw him watching her she gave him a coy smile, “Matt I’m sorry about the other day.”

“No Storm it was my fault.”

“Help me with my suit will you.” Sadia said invitingly. Matt felt his heart beat harder. He helped her get her vest over her up stretched arms. “The vest is equipped with a 4-inch front panel overlap to maximize center mass protection.” Matt rolled his eyes. “It’s complete with throat protection collar, upper arm guards and groin protector.” She gestured for Matt to snap the protector in place. He slammed it shut with a loud bang. “Hey, be careful down there.”

When Matt was finished Sadia fitted on her helmet and she was fully covered from head to toe. Her helmet, shiny black had a jet-black face plate so Matt could no longer see her eyes. He flicked on her switches and the suit hummed to life.

The face plate slowly faded to show Sadia’s face and she smiled. Matt reached around her back and found her nuclear battery pack. “When you’re ready you just activate your system right here.” He switched it on and Sadia not realizing her new-found strength sent Matt flying backward and into the wall.

When Sadia rushed over to try to help him Matt waved for her to stay away. The room broke out in laughter.

The light moment was suddenly silenced when a voice blasted over the loud speaker. “Long range scans indicate The Khad Armada has landed on the western shore.”

“Matt,” Sadia said removing her helmet. It had dawned on her that this could be her last chance to talk. Sadia placed her hand over his mouth. “Matt if we survive this, what then?”

“How do you mean?”

“What will you do with the rest of your life?”

“I was hoping maybe to spend it with you.”

Sadia was caught off guard. “Do you really mean that?”

“Do I really mean it?” Matt took her glove off her hand and cradled it in his. “Guess the only way to find out is to stay alive and shit.”


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