Quinn joined the landing party making his first trip to the surface. He knew the crew found themselves with the dubious honor of teaching laymen how to fight, but after listen to Matt for only forty minutes he realized that what they were actually doing was teaching them how not to get killed.
Not that the settlers had any trust. Now they needed to concentrate their hatred on the real enemy; the Khad’s armada. For all they knew the armada was invincible. The Khad had easily defeated the original upraising so no one really believed that they had any chance this time either.
Then to add to the problem the Governor, though well intended, made a deal with April to protect any humans that remained in their homes and choose not to fight. Matt was quick to point out that the governor might not have any power after the armada arrived.
Then the worst possible event happened. The House of Aurora decided to join with the Basrilians and the others and remain behind. They had a lot of influence with the people. This caused more to change their minds. Soon they were in danger of losing control of the settlement.
Matt elected to let the settlers make up their own minds without any coercion on his part. Instead he started putting his plan into action hoping that when they saw what the crew was doing they would want to join with them.
Then they got a surprise. Marching into the village in row after row were the members of the rebellion. Lead by Maggie they held their flag with the original colors of the Lewis and Clark up high as they matched through the village down its main road.
The bad blood between them and the villagers had existed for years. Then something even more surprising happened. One by one the villagers came out to watch them march. Then an old couple with tears in their eyes started to clap for them.
Soon others joined in with applauds and before you knew it the entire village was lined up along the road clapping for the rebels who had finally come home. The tears flowed freely, tears that had been a long time coming.
“Margaret Amen and the members of the rebellion reporting as requested.” She saluted.
“Ten-hut!” Quinn barked and the landing party rose to salute the Rebels.
The villager came out from everywhere to greet and hug them and get reacquainted and to forgive and ask for forgiveness, it was an amazing sight.
Maggie pulled Quinn aside to talk to him. “The Rebels have plenty of combat experience but they’re not inclined to trust the others with their lives.”
“Stewart.” Quinn yelled, Matt stood and moved forward to greet them. “Matt, we need to do some fast maneuvering to convince the villagers to come in so they can learn from the flock. Maggie’s people need to spread their expertise around.”
“You know that’s why we’re here.” Maggie said. “To join our people and stand together all of us as one.”
The next day more than twice as many settlers joined up to make a stand.

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