Maria did not need any special devices to move freely in her quarters. She had just gotten out of her tee shirt and shorts when the door buzzed. To her surprise, it was Major Stewart.
“We need to talk to you about your lady pilots.”
“Well I can’t let you in I’m naked.”
“I’ll come back at another time,”
“Oh no just wait there for a minute,” She hurriedly put on an oversized shirt and she let him in. “Be careful there’s no gravity. I prefer it that way.” She was sure Matt would protest instead Matt pulled off his jacket and launched himself into the air and floated in a relaxed cross-legged position. Maria smiled surprised by his ability. “Wow. I’m impressed.”
“Growing up on a space freighter, weightlessness feels more normal to me than gravity.”
SO WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Maria floated over, as she did her breasts under her shirt bobbled to every weightless movement. “Sorry Major,” She said covering them with her arms. “My un-holstered girls can be damn distracting.”
“I hardly noticed.” Matt said smiling. “Hopefully this won’t take long.”
“If you’re referring to my ladies as pilots are you sure you know what you’re doing Major. This bunch has a long rap sheet.”
“I’m more impressed with their flight skills.”
“Well then, let me go down the list; Ruth and Jetsenia ran a black market,”
“Oh, entrepreneurs,”
“Drea and Danaya stole high tech equipment and illegally sold it to the highest bidder.”
“Supply and demand,”
“Alison,” Matt stopped her,
“Look can they fly our ships?”
“They can fly the damn ships if that’s what you mean?”
“I’m modifying them to be combat ready. Will they crap out at the first sign of trouble?”
“Fear has never been their problem.”
“Then you believe they can do it.” Maria reached her hand out to offer Matt a handshake but her moment caused her breasts to start bobbing again. Matt remained discreet and gave her hand a solid shake. “I’m afraid they may fly in harm’s way.”
“Major you came to me personally and you are asking me for my pilots, you’ve treated me with more respect than anyone on this mission. The respect given to a superior officer. That was all I need to know. My women are in the best hands.”

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