Matt surveyed the specs from Belvedere while he had a chance to review the data. Despite being hidden elaborately there were half dozen launch pads. They were much bigger than standard space port size. “Their purpose became clear as each pad had a huge transport booster already in place to take off. If each launch pad is designed to have its own transport it indicated a massive exodus from the planet.”
Everyone in the room looked stunned.
“So why attack us if they are leaving anyway.” Moore wanted to know.
Matt leaned forward. “So, there’s no trace for Earth Force to follow.?”
“If what you are saying is true,” Moore shuddered. “What is going to happen to the us?”
“Except for the ones they’re taking with them, the rest will be expandable I guess.” Matt said totally serious.
“Oh my god,” The cry came from the back of the room. April made her way in front. “I was completely wrong. I owe you an apology Major Stewart.”
“Nope, non-needed,”
“I don’t understand.”
“If we lose this battle at least some of the colonists will be safe of some other world.” Matt said to her earnestly.
No one liked what they heard but everyone agreed that it was their only way to survive.
But Matt had a better idea. “I’ve been out numbered or out matched many times during my stent in the war, mostly suicide missions, therefore I know that superior strategy always wins out over superior numbers.”
“The problem is convincing them.” Former General Vermont said breaking his silence.
“We have the firepower to take out the armada,”
“Yeah but not without torching the planet in the process. That meant winning a conventional war against ground forces.”
“Well, I do have a plan.” Matt said with a smirk.
“Okay, so what is your plane Major?”
“The plan is simple really, we take all the settlers and move them out into the plain beneath Heaven’s peak. Once There we set up a fortification at the bottom of Heaven’s Peak and there we will set up an energy barrier spread out over a radius of several hundred meters using one of the Horizon’s spare generators to power a force field.”
“Do we have that of power and will this be enough to stop any attack launched by the Khad.” Maggie asked.
“Of cause to sustain the field would require enormous amounts of energy. We can take out their ground units from above and destroy their battleships in space since they won’t be able to locate and attack the Horizon while it’s invisible.”
A buzz began in the room. “Go on Major,”
“The Horizon is equipped with four shuttlecrafts and two fighters. Each has weapon systems far more advanced than anything the Khad have including missile magazines.” Matt pointed to the image. “These missiles are equipped with warheads and they can be fired from the forward launchers.”
“We are to believe you can do all this with an escort ship?” Moore questioned.
“The New Star Class Horizon was designed during wartime and intended to travel in enemy territory to go against the Taurean Empire attack ships, escort has nothing to do with it actual capability. We purposely designed her to be a small destroyer and these advances more than make up for her lack of size.”
“So, size really doesn’t matter.” Maggie quipped.


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