Matt was in full field uniform, his weapon holstered at his side and a strident look on his face as he walked to the town hall. This was not the Major Stewart everyone had gotten used to before. April Flowers found herself sizing up Stewart when she saw him coming her way.

“How yah doing?” Matt said to her as he walked past.

April was annoyed. “Your arrival was expected an hour ago.”

Matt looked at her annoyed and turned to keep an eye on her. “I was busy,” The two exchanged looks as she followed him into the hall.

The mood in the room was complete silence. Maggie greeted them, “There’s a vicious rumor going around about an eminent invasion have you heard anything Major?”

Matt looked at April for permission to speak. April stepped in front of him and addressed the crowd. “I would prefer to deal in facts not speculation.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Matt said in disbelief.

“What do you know Major?” Maggie insisted.

Mr. Moore stood up, “Yeah Major; what do you know?”

“Do I need special permission from you?”

“If I do I’ll let you know.”

 “You make it sound so formal,” Matt’s face turned to a blank stare. “I’ve just come from Omori Shi’s headquarters.” The room went silent again. “Three armada ships are on their way.” Screams of horror was heard.

“Governor Tor gave me his word.” April shouted.

“Omori Shi went behind his back.” Matt explained, “He has very powerful alias in the High Command.”

“What are you going to do about it?” Moore demanded.

“It comes down to our superior technology against their ground forces.”

“So, what do we do?” Maggie asked apprehensively.

“At the moment, we are totally isolated from the Earth. No communication, no place to evacuate to and no re-supply. It’s us against them winner take all.” 

“Have you ever killed anyone sir?” A young man asked.

“A few,” Matt answered him.

“Well we never have.” Moore Exclaimed

Maggie broke in, “So we’ll have to teach you.”

“You’re in luck, I know hundreds of ways to kill the enemy. And we’ll only need to know a few for our purposes.”

“Major you better take this.”

The Comlink was from Belvedere, “Recon found something.”

“It’s time to let everyone know what we’re up against.”


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