“I should blow your Wally Gator head off and shit.”

“I’m very sorry but I know nothing of this Wall E Gate.”

“I demand to speak with you, alone.”

 “I’ll have to take your weapon.” He said politely. “I have declared what you call it, Marshal Law. As I’m sure, you know we’ve just received word from our Armada that they are on its way here. You understand that demands I take every precaution.” Omori smirked tilting his head. “You’re not scared?” Matt smiled, and flipped his gun toward the guard. Omori Shi led Matt to a room that lacked furniture but had large nests Omori Shi reclined on one and seemed happy to see his adversary. “Have a seat.”

“Why are you doing this?” Matt demanded.

“To show you who your masters are.”

“So how many Ryptordian ships are coming?”

Omori was impressed that Stewart called them by their correct lineage. “My Ryptordian brothers have three ships on the way.” Omori Shi was sure the human would try to kill him. “What’s wrong human; don’t have the stomach for battle?”

“Fuck you!” it didn’t translate but Omori knew what it meant.

“I look forward to our battle human.” Omori Shi boasted. “I knew deep down you humans were more capable.”

“They came looking for a new home, a new start. You and your troglodytes took that away from them.”

“I’ve never heard of troglodytes but I assume its derogatory.”

“It makes me feel better.”

“Then by all means,”

“What are you a mad man?”

“Weak species should never wander beyond the safety of their borders.”

“Where I come from Picking on the weak is for pussies.”

Omori was confused again. “You call me now a cat.”

“You’re making a terrible mistake. The Earth ships with reinforcements will soon be here. They will come with weapons drawn. They’ll be looking for vengeance.”

“So, what,”

Matt paused for a moment. “Son of a bitch, you don’t plan on being here.”

Omori was impressed. “You are quite practiced in the ways of war. Good, the more anger you feel the harder you will fight.”

“We can start that fight right here right now.”

“Lord Shi?” the guard shouted as he ran in to protect him.

Omori Shi lowered his eyes to the floor. “This human has no fear. His race is not as I once believed. The next time I gaze upon you will be when I kill you in battle.”

The guard backed out of the way to allow Matt room to pass.

The lead guard spoke as he escorted Matt out. “The bow with eyes lowered is the greatest display of respect a Ryptordian warrior can give.” Matt was surprised that his enemy gave him that kind of regard. “He recognizes a worthy enemy.”


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