No matter how hard Sadia tried, she couldn’t sleep, and she knew why. Matt was in trouble. In her mind’s eye, she saw something was wrong with him. She found Matt as he sat in a heap outside the landing crew compound. “Matt, are you okay?” The soft caring voice entered his head and he knew it belonged to Sadia and he looked up to see her standing over him. “What happened to you?”
“How did you find me?” He said surprised to see her.
“I felt your pain and I just seemed to know where you were.” Sadia gasped. “Just like the Khad.”
“Have you ever been tested for ESP?”
“Maybe it runs in the family.” She didn’t want Matt to know how powerful her feelings were. She didn’t want him to know just how frightened she was. “How did you get like this?” She fell to her knees.
“Storm I feel like I’m losing my mind.” He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her as tight as he could. Startle at his action she was uncertain what to feel,
Then Sadia felt something. Without knowing how she knew there was something in his brain. It was alive and powerfully strong and exerting some form of psychic energy. Whatever it was it sensed and tried to repel Sadia’s intrusion but it wasn’t strong enough. “Matt what is going on here?”
“Maybe you should try to use that telepathy again.”
Sadia hesitated for a moment then she closed her eyes. Concentrating she thought about what to say. Then she took a deep breath and started to generate thoughts in her mind.
Suddenly Sadia’s head snapped back and a considerable amount of energy escaped from her mind, the force propelled Matt backwards as the thrust entered his mind, a kaleidoscope of images battered him until he was almost unconscious.
Matt had to steady himself. “Wow, think you could have sent something a little less,” Matt looked up at Sadia and her eyes had rolled back in her head and she was in a trance shaking as if she was having a convulsion. filled with concern Matt grabbed her. “Storm.”
All the images that ran amok in Sadia mind were now in both of theirs. When Matt let go of her he broke free of the trance. Sadia was still in it, her eyes still shut. KISS ME her thought said. Matt decided to oblige her but before he could, Sadia opened her eyes. “Hey, what are you doing?” She pushed him away.
“There’s something in my head isn’t there?” Matt recounted.
“Did you see it too?”
“Only a few seconds.” Matt leaned toward her. “Sadia, we linked minds, just like we did back on the ship. Maybe we can use this to communicate with each other?”
She looked whimsical for a moment. “It’s worth a try. Think of something and send me the message.”
Matt closed his eyes and concentrated. THOSE ARE SOME NICE KNOCKERS AND SHIT
“Matthew Stewart,” She yelled at him.
“Did you get my message?”
“Yeah, I got it all right, loud and clear.”

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