Asim had been riding for hours and Omar grinned as he watched his friend show a passion he had sorely missed for years. He was on a mission to kill the spaceman and as fool hardy as that sounded Omar was more than happy to tag along.
Just like that, the old Asim had returned. “Slow down my brother we’re going to kill our horses.”
Asim said nothing. Darkness had fallen hours ago and the heavy clouds had blocked the moons some it was pitch black. Asim’s horse had been on this trail so many times she could do it with blinders. Asim trusted his horse with his life. She would not fail him. He would get there in time to stop his Princess from giving in to a stupid fairy tale that consumed her very existence.
Matt wasn’t sure how long he had stayed outside her palace, he was equally unsure why he was still there. Matt could see Jihan’s balcony from where he hid in the outgrowth. He sat with his back against a tree and hung his head. What in the hell is wrong with me?
Suddenly Matt heard someone moving past him from outside the dwelling. He heard the voice of two men whispering. His enhance eyes allowed him to see in the dark. He recognized the two men immediately as Asim and Omar. Matt had a hardy chuckle. As bad as he felt, Matt had to admire Asim for acting. He stood up, brushed himself off, and walked quietly down the path. GOOD LUCK AND SHIT
“The window to the Princess room is open.” Omar said riling an agitated Asim.
“I’m not blind you idiot. I can see the window is open. She’s waiting for the bastard Stewart to come.” Asim slammed his fist on the ground. “We can wait here and ambush him.”
“And if he doesn’t show, we could wait here all night.” Omar worried. Asim was enraged slammed his fist against the wall.
“You go back to the camp. Tell everyone that I am on a trader run to the Southeast.”
“What are you going to do?”
“Each second that passed mean my beloved is that much closer to giving herself to the spaceman. If we’re too late, it will be the last thing that Earthman ever does.
“So, what are you going to do your highness?”
“I’m going in there.” Asim headed for the balcony. “If what I fear has already happened I’ll search for the Earthman and when I find him.”
“But the princess, won’t she blow the whistle on you.”
“I’ll take my chances.” Asim made his way onto the balcony and into the room.
Asim walked into Jihan’s room, the scent of oils perfumed his nose. He thought back to how the aroma filled the air when she would come to the camp to visit him. She would bring him food and a cool drink of fresh water from her own well.
In the dark, he bumped into a chair. The noise woke Jihan. “Who’s there? Matt is that you?” Jihan rose from the bed.
“You wait for him!”
“Asim,” Jihan was terrified; She knew how violent he could be so she braced herself. Moments passed and she heard weeping. It was Asim. Soon his crying became an uncontrollable whimper. When she reached him, he hugged her like a dying man clinging to life. Soon Jihan was hugging Asim back as hard as she possibly could. “Come to bed.” She whispered softly.
“What about Stewart?” Asim asked.
“He didn’t come.”

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