Matt reached in his pocket and pulled out a pink note that Upasana gave him and smelled it. Only a hint of jasmine on a message from Jihan Aurora saying she had to see him immediately. “I guess I can’t avoid her forever.” Matt said as he kept walking, He admitted to himself he had no clue what to expect.
Matt followed the directions on the note and slipped in one of the back entrances into a lavish room. Jihan came out of an adjoining room wearing a see-through nightgown that revealed what Matt could only have guessed at before. Her face was done up with makeup that extenuated her beautiful eyes. She had wonderfully shaped black hair normally covered by her headdress.
Matt just stared as she walked by him to secure the door to her room. “Have a seat while I fix us something to drink.”
Matt looked around and saw that he only had two choices, her bed, or a large chair. He quickly sat down in the chair. Jihan turned to see him and smiled coyly. She walked over to where Matt had seated himself with her hands on her hips. “Your seat selection will never do.” she informed him. She gracefully slid over to the bed, and with a pat of her hand invited Matt to join her.
Matt tried valiantly to ignore her look with was sultry enough to melt an iceberg. He figured he’d better remain unmoved by the whole scene. He got up, walked over to the balcony entrance, and pulled the curtain open.
“No, don’t do that.” Jihan screamed as she leaped up and rushed over to him. She grabbed the curtain from his hands and pulled it closed. “Someone might see us.”
“Princess, what exactly are you doing?”
Jihan looked in disbelief. “You’re an Earth man, right?”
Matt had to take a step backwards to keep from brushing against her. The smell of jasmine rushed into his nostrils with an onslaught of tantalizing excitement. HOLY COW Matt pulled out the note on the pink paper. “The message said it was imperative.”
“I thought the note was self-explanatory. I figured you would know what I meant. I thought you’d want to, you know.”
“Princess,” Matt scratched his beard,
“Surely you can tell I’m seducing you. I’ve heard all about your type. Earthmen, they don’t wait until marriage.” She pressed her body against Matt and wrapped her arms around him. “So, I’m not waiting.”
Matt forced her arms from around him and pushed himself away. “Look Princess, I’m a United Earth Space Force officer on a mission. GOD HOW DUMB THAT SOUNDS I can’t indulge in any foolishness. Don’t you know what’s going on here? We’re on the verge of a war, at any moment. This whole thing is highly inappropriate.” I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M SAYING THIS AND SHIT
For the first time Jihan felt rejection and she couldn’t fathom it. His words cut through her like a knife. She smacked his face then she could hardly stand as she staggered back to the bed.

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