The Khad were absent For the First time in memory. Still it was days before the villagers finally trickled out of their homes. Many of the settlers were surprisingly loyal to the Khad and showed distain towards the Horizon crew.
All the lead houses though attended the briefing and it had lasted all day. Maggie Amen presided over the preceding and knew all the bylaws and charters signed by the original crew before their executed. “Since Abe Basrilian was the surviving original member most of the ruling power went to his children.”
“And you accept this?” Someone asked.
“It’s what my father and the others wanted. It’s all legal and binding. There’s nothing we can do about it.”
Deforest looked at Matt. “Didn’t see this coming did you?”
Matt shook his head. “Technically until a new government could be put in place the charters are the law of the land.”
Lt. Quinn entered the room and He didn’t look happy. “We don’t have full cooperation yet.” Quinn queried.
“The meeting has dragged on with little progress.”
“I recommend whatever we do we proceed with caution.” Matt said followed by a collective groan. “We can’t trust them.”
“Well you’re the expert,” Quinn lobbied.
“I know all about the Ryptordian armada. They’re the warrior faction and they are more than capable of trying something I can guarantee that.”
Maggie returned. “So, what’s your plan, to take them out?” The room went silent.
Matt smiled. “That would make things easier.”
“Matt’s been killing aliens a long time.” Deforest quipped.
Matt’s face suddenly stiffened. WHY AM I SO EAGER FOR A FIGHT? “So, In the words of John Lennon, give peace a chance?”
Matt stopped talking when Princess Jihan Aurora and several of her servants entered carrying trays of food. She led them into a middle room of huge wooden table and chairs. The servants placed bowls of fruit on the table followed by trays of meat and vegetables. When they were done the place had a warm and peaceful atmosphere in candle light.
“A feast, fit for a king.” Deforest remarked.
Jihan veiled gestured for all to find seats and sit down. Matt would not let his eyes meet hers but the overwhelming urge to run over to her left him baffled. Jihan whispered something to Upasana and then she left the hall.
Deforest placed his hand on Matt’s shoulder. “She defines class, doesn’t she?”
“I guess. I really hadn’t noticed. She is a princess and shit.” A crunching noise rang out and it turned out to be Doris, who had helped herself to what looked like an apple from the fruit bowl. Matt gives her a look.
“What? I’m starving.” Doris looked to see the rest waiting and quickly swallowed what was in her mouth.
“Representatives from the different religions need to bless the table.” When they finished Doris looked at Matt and mouthed the word “NOW” and smiled. Matt winked.
Matt looked over at Deforest. He nodded and raised his cup. The room quickly became noisy with laughter and song as everyone enjoyed their first feast with the visitors from Earth.

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