The pilgrimage of settlers moved down the path that had been used for years to escape the Khad. Reba Crane and a few of the rebels had joined them to make the trip to the Outlands to meet and discuss the arrival of the Earth Ship.

Just then Lorne arrived. Reba saw that he was alone and she rushed to his side to see what had happened to Maggie.

“What’s going on?” She saw his face and looked distressed. “Bad news?”

Lorne for his part was obviously on edge and just nodded his head. “That for sure.”

“You don’t ever let Maggie out of your sight?” Reba realized she went too far. “That’s not what I meant.

“Don’t worry I know what you meant.” Lorne assured him.

Crane continued to walk with a sack around her shoulders and dragging another. “What are you doing here with us?”

“Don’t even ask me because you don’t even want to know.”

“Just like Old Bethany said we would be.” Reba announced.

“Please, not that crazy old woman again?”

“She’s a certified psychic back on Earth and her powers were witnessed by several of us including Maggie.”

She saw that Lorne was becoming angry and tried to intercede before it escalated.

“Maggie’s Governess made predictions.” The last thing Lorne wanted was to start to believe in some crazy Au Pair.

“And so far, they have all come true.” Reba said defiantly.

“I’m not a superstitious person.” He added.

“Fair enough,” Reba pulled her attention away from him. “Near the end just before her death she spoke of our darkest moment becoming our moment of salvation. She said that we will all think it’s the end and that’s when the miracle will happen.”

Lorne realized what the old bat was saying; not to give up or give in even if all seemed lost. “Perhaps you’re right and Bethany was right all along.” Lorne grabbed the sack from her and threw it over his shoulder.

She was just about to talk herself into asking him again. “So, what happened between you two?”

He laughed. “Don’t start.”

The group continued walking and talking amongst themselves as they headed out along the trail.


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