Matt took a deep breath. Making his way back down the ladder he stopped at the bottom rung. “Damn I’m so conditioned to battle I’ve developed psychosis.” He entered the nearby engineering station to try and normalize the situation.
There in the window was the planet’s features rolling by. Matt brightened up. “Maybe it’s just rust or maybe I’m just getting old. After all, being out of commission for 15 years maybe it’s finally happened, the big MENTAL BREAKDOWN”
Matt entered the locker and sat on the bench and attempted to calm down. DAMN MY SPIDEY SENSE IS STILL TINGLING He started to get changed at his cubicle.
He was lacing his boots when Dr. Keiko Matsui the ship’s Japanese science officer strolled from the Array Section into the locker room. Expecting to find it empty and was startled to find Matt sitting there.
“What in the world are you doing here?” She said in her native Japanese. Then she realized that she was standing there naked. Keiko instinctively covered up as best she could. She bent over to get her towel from the hamper and she wrapped the towel around her. “Don’t be getting any ideas,” She said in English as she walked past him toward the adjacent room. Before she got there, she let her towel fall allowing Matt a clean view.
Matt rolled his eyes. LORD HAVE MERCY Then it occurred to him, what was she doing naked coming out of the Array Room?
Keiko stuck her head out of the other room and yelled, “I hope you enjoyed the view; it’s the last you’ll ever get.”
This time she had on a tee shirt that was just barely long enough to cover her jockey briefs. She placed her hands on her hips and stood in front of him. “You can put your eyes back in your head now Major,” when she walked past him she could feel him staring at her admiring her athletic legs. She knew he couldn’t help himself. She stopped and turned back towards him, but this time she was smiling. “So, Major Hero, what else are you any good at?”
Matt worked his way up to saying something stupid but he never got the chance.
The force of the impact knocked everything into the air. Matt grabbed hold of Keiko wrapped her in his arms and held her tight. The Horizon tumbled repeatedly and sent them bouncing from floor to ceiling. DAMN I HATE WHEN I’M RIGHT That was his last thought before losing consciousness.

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