“Ten-hunt,” Conrad yelled as Lt. Commander Quinn entered.
“At ease,” Quinn said.
Matt sat quietly as the members of the command staff took their seats.
“So why did you stop the wedding?” Keiko said before Quinn could speak.
“It seemed the right thing to do at the time.”
“You’re lying, it was the prophecy,” Keiko interrupted. “He had to save the Princess so he can marry her.”
“Dr. Matsui please,” Quinn pleaded.
“Are you jealous?” Deforest blurted out.
“Maybe,” Keiko admitted.
“Do you think Major Stewart was under some kind of influence?” Schenckler asked incredulously.
Sadia Finally raised her hand to speak. “What are you talking about? What exactly is this prophecy?”
“Matt is predestined to marry Princess Aurora.” Keiko explained. “That is why he stopped her marriage to keep her chaste and save her for himself.”
“Is that true?” Sadia asked her voice trembling.
The buzz in the room was loud enough to cause Conrad to quiet them down. “LISTEN UP.”
“Major would you mind,” Quinn asked trying to get some order back.
Matt looked around the room and then leaned forward his arms on the table. “That’s totally ridiculous.”
“The wedding was illegal.” April said surprising everyone. “He made the right decision. He was there so had he done nothing it would have been a serious breach in protocol.”
Matt looked at April and gestured, “Thanks.”
“So, you are saying under the circumstances given up our element of surprise was not as important as stopping the marriage.” Quinn was not satisfied.
“Are you making an excuse for the Major’s conduct?” Keiko asked. “Well Major, you want to add something.”
“It wasn’t the prophecy that was controlling my actions it was my military training.”
“Now we have the Khad on our hands.” Conrad said bluntly.
“I had to find out what the Khad were up to, so I did some investigating.”
“Is being tortured part of investigating.” Sadia asked.
“It’s the fastest way to find out what was really going on.” Matt admitted, “Maybe not the smartest,”
Dr. Schenckler shook her head, “You got that right.”
“Unlike us humans who are all the same species the Khad are made up of three different species, forced to share the same planet. The faction running things on this planet are the ones I’m worried about. They are the warrior class and they will be looking for a fight.”
“Then lucky for us the Governor is in charge.”
“For how long, we need to take whatever action necessary to shut the Khad down and we need to do it now!” Matt asserted.
“Even though they are willing to negotiate a peace treaty?” April asked sincerely.
“Peace, peace is a waste of time.” Matt exploded out of his chair. “My gut is never wrong. This colony is in danger. There’s a time for peace but this isn’t it.”
April was finally mad. “He’s in charge here?”
“Well, apparently, he thinks he is.” Schenckler said.
“You were right to stop that wedding major, but that does not make you the right person to lead.” Everyone in the room stared in disbelief. “If it wasn’t for my quick thinking there would have had a war right there in the street.”
“We would have won.” Matt quipped.
“This is a diplomatic mission, not a military one.” April’s assertiveness surprised everyone. “I’m confident that conflict can be avoided,”
“That’s if they continue to negotiate with us in good faith.” Quinn added cautiously. Quinn had a look of apprehension on his face.  “The mission parameters have changed.”

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