Matt realized he was as upset as his adversary. “Damn,” the game’s been taken over by bureaucrats. Matt had to ask himself why he was itching for a fight.
He turned to Alexa. “See princess, I hate when I’m right.”
At that moment, Omori Shi showed back up with his heavily armed private Guards. The governor stopped him in his tracks. “I ordered you to stand down.” He said to Omori Shi who just gave him a defiant laugh.
“Ha, I’m just getting started, trader.” The governor tried bravely to contest Omori Shi but this time he nodded for his guards. “Get him out of my face.”
One of the armored crew pulled April behind him for protection. “Stay right here and don’t move.” The metallic voice told her. She had every intention to follow orders.
At first it looked as if Matt was running for cover too but Omori Shi couldn’t believe his eyes when Matt grabbed a laser rifle from one of the crew and throwing his cloak to the ground he walked back to meet him.
At the edge of town three mollusks shaped tanks showed up. “Now we see if you are so heroic Earthman.”
One of the armored landing party ran up to Matt and handed him a utility belt. He put it on and moved toward the tanks. “Let’s see I think I’ll set the PFC at level 7.”
Omori Shi signaled and there was a bang from the cannon as a rocket launched towards Matt. But it never touched him. Instead it blew apart when it hit against his force field only knocking Matt back two steps. When the smoke cleared, he stood unharmed and in the same position.
“Level 7,” Matt gave a thumb up. “Now it’s our turn,” he fired his weapon which plowed a huge hole in the plate of the middle tank followed by an explosion that blew the side open. The other tanks opened fire but every target they attempted to hit could not be penetrated. Matt signaled and the troopers opened fire and the remaining tanks were easily destroyed.
Omori Shi drawn his weapon and approached Matt. He fired several times but his effort was useless. “You cheat Earthman.”
“It’s called technology and I’ve only begun to cheat.”
The guards came running to inform the Khad leader. “Sir, there were two huge explosions just kilometers from our main hydro plants.”
“Target their ship and return fire.” Omori Shi ordered.
“But sir we can’t. The ship can’t be found.”
“Your ships hide from us.” He said mockingly.
“Shall we target the real thing?”
The governor made his way over to Matt. “Please let us resolve this peacefully.”
“We have your entire infrastructure targeted from space.” Matt informed him.
Omori Shi pointed his weapon at the governor but this time he and walked away his guards followed.
“Are you still willing to negotiate?” Leeg Tor Pleaded.
Matt looked over at April. “What do you think Ambassador?”
“No harm will come to the settlers.” The governor assured him with a bow.
Alexa came running back out. “I can help you with that. I know the general better than anyone. Let me be of assistance.” Before she could make another move one of the team stepped in her way.
“How did I do Major?” The metallic voice sounded and Sadia beamed removing her helmet.
“Storm, Are you out of your mind? Who ordered you to do this, Quinn?”
“I volunteered for your information.”
Alexa looked on incensed. Sean walked over along with Omar.
“Looks like the Earth guy is already taken. And from what I can see she’s really handsome.”
Omar laughed, “See I knew he wasn’t from the Outlands.”


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