Omori Shi’s eye narrowed to slits and his scales stood up on the back of his neck. Out popped a high crest on the back of his head a high fin-like crest perturbed down his back. For the first-time Omori Shi was impressed with his opponent.
“This has to be some kind of trick,” Alexa rang out, and then she turned to see Omori Shi’s face.
At that moment two aircraft flew overhead so fast they were nothing but a blur. Matt placed his fingers in his ears. BOOM! A sonic boom followed as everyone dove to the ground except Omori Shi, as Matt and his adversary stared at each other.
The shuttle landed a few yards away. Six troopers in black armor with laser rifles raced out and took strategic positions.
“Is this all you have?” Omori Shi said defiantly. “Is this all the earthmen you have to free your people with?”
Matt shrugged and pointed up to the sky, “From space we can scorch your entire western hemisphere in less than twenty seconds. What more do we need and shit?”
“NO!” Governor Leeg Tor rushed through the crowd. “We are willing to negotiate. I’m ordering you to stand down.”
A second shuttle, a transport hovered above the scene. The shuttle landed and Matt’s shock, out came Maggie Amen. She rushed to his side.
The governor greeted her. “We received your request and accept your terms to negotiate a peaceful solution.” Leeg Tor said in perfect English. The Governor shook Maggie’s hand. “We agreed to you as the spokesperson of your people.”
Omori Shi stepped in front of Maggie and pointed his weapon at the governor but before he could do anything else several Khad guards stepped in and carried the general off against his will.
The word spread like a wild fire as People were suddenly running out of their homes to get a view of the action.
Matt realized the villagers had inadvertently moved into the crosshairs of any incoming fire. He quickly moved his team between them and the Khad. “Governor we need to get these people out of the way.”
“Everyone clears the streets,” The governor pleaded.
Alexa stepped in his path. “Major, I must speak with you,” and gave Matt an enticing wink. “Maybe we can meet privately and I can debrief you.”
“Look Princess we’re in the middle of a crisis. That means you need to take cover.”
“Even if you take over we must go on with the wedding.”
“What would Viktor Frankl have said about this?”
“Victor, who,”
Matt grabbed Alexa and literally flung her off the road. “Sorry Princess but I tend to be right about these of things.”
Sean saw that Alexa had been upstaged and signaled his people to grab her before she could start up again. Alexa was outraged by the interruption and was about to say something when Sean stopped her. “Sis, this is not the time.”
This time she trusted Sean and bit her lip. “This is no ordinary man.” She reluctantly left with Sean but never took her eye off Matt her strange new fascinating challenge.

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