Two reptilians entered the holding cell. Matt stood in the center of the room gazing up at the ceiling ignoring them. The guard behind him slammed his barrel into Matt’s back. Matt gave a polite bow. They ushered him out into the dawning sunlight. Matt squinted at the sunshine as he emerged from the compound and he stopped to cover his eyes.
As executions go there seemed to be a lack of real interest. The most glaring omission were the villagers. Matt figured very few people could attend. It dawned on Matt that the populace still feared the Basrilian’s and if he turned out to be a crackpot they would be in danger of reappraisal for defying the Khad. That being the case he could hardly blame them.
The only lookers on were Alexa and a small band of her followers standing ahead of them. Alexa then slapped Matt across the face. “Prepare to die.”
“Anyone else?” Matt said smiling.
Omori Shi was being helped on with a collar that was either a ritualistic thing or this was considered a proper formal military execution. Before Matt could say anything, Omori Shi moved in a menacing fashion to ominous looking contraption the resembled an Earth type guillotine. “Get ready to execute this animal.”
Unexpected a screeching sound emitted from under Matt’s cloak. It startled the guards who backed off him in amazement. There were several moments of confusion as the Khad patrol looked to Omori Shi for guidance. “My Lord; noises are coming from him.”
“Sorry for the interruption, knowing how you’re in a such a hurry and shit. It’s probably my ship.” The static sound came from Matt again, “I think they’re trying to reach me, they’re expecting me to answer them.”
“Well then by all means contact them.” Alexa laughed figuring he had lost his mind.
Matt rolled his right sleeve up and tapped his bare forearm. “This is Matt Stewart.” He said to his wrist.
They all laughed.
Alexa stood frozen. How could this be happening?
“MAJOR YOU’RE HOURS OVERDUE FOR CHECK IN.” The voice came from his wrist. “We were getting worried Major, are you in need of assistance?”
“I can’t talk right now, I’m about to be executed.”




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