Jihan stood in the dark in her bedchamber not allowed to attend the outside happenings even though all the commotion was about her. He came all this way just for me. If this is a fairytale, I don’t ever want to wake up.

How could this all be happening? How had the handsome spaceman rescued her from a horrible fate? I whispered to my Grandad that if I didn’t find a way out I would kill myself. Now my life will never to be the same again.

He has apologized to me repeatedly, my grandmum, too. Of course, he could never have known when they first set the wheels in motion for my forced marriage that it would cause me the suffering it did. But the idea that the very man who had provided me with a loving and secure childhood could abandon me to the vagaries of a culture still hurt.

Yet the fact that it was enough of a twist on my sense of betrayal for me to be able to forgive him and love him again. Even though both emotions will always be tinged with sadness.

That was not what her twin sister was feeling. Rumana was there with her. She had done all she was asked to do but now her reward was to suffer in the dark watching her ignorant sister love this spaceman instead of her.

She too dreamed of fairytales but had to hide them. Then she gave them up, that was long ago. Those beings came and took her and made her into a hybrid servant. Her only purpose was to protect her sister with no chance for any kind of life for herself.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she replayed in her mind the actions of the fearless Spaceman at the ceremony. If she were ever to reveal what she was feeling for him the whole mission could be in jeopardy. No doubt the beings would erase her mind.

The door slammed open and their hysterical Grandmother rushed in. “Lord Omori Shi is going to execute the Earthman.”

Both sisters gasped at the same time. Jihan rushed out the room to join the others but was stopped by her grandfather.

“No dear, you can’t go out there. There’s nothing any of us can do.”

Rumana stayed quietly in the room thinking to herself. DO I FEAR FOR HIM? they told me not to worry he will be protected. they won’t let anything happen to him. yes, I’m sure of it. so why am I feeling this way? IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO HIM I WILL KILL THE KHAD MYSELF.

As she talked to herself the transformation took place, her eyes became black and her skin paled, and she was truly capable of carrying out her threat.


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