Matt gave a sigh of relief he had made it just in time. The wedding hadn’t gotten too far along. He felt under dressed for the occasion when he found people staring at him. But so were other desert dwellers in attendance. A regal appearing woman gave him an indignant Glare. Matt returned a big smile to which she turned away in disgust.
The Maazon, a man who has an official license to sign and register the marriage contract was giving directions to the groom who stood wearing a black suit with white shirt and necktie. He was surrounded a gala of fancy dressed beautiful women of all sizes, and huge body building men. By his side was that haunting woman from the carriage. The way she was being reveled over one would think she was getting married.
While at the other end was the bride’s family, a small wedding party. At the Altar stood a tall woman wearing a white dress with a white mantilla and matching white veil across her face.
Matt hesitated for a moment trying to convince himself he was doing the right thing; This wedding is being forced of this young woman so therefore it is in violation of the free colony of Earth rules; paragraph six, line four. That made the whole thing illegal.
The Maazon stepped forward to address the assembly. “If there is anyone among us who feels this union should not take place let him speak now or forever hold your peace.”
Matt was hoping for the right moment and figured an invitation like that was as good as any. He stepped past the regal lady flashing a smile and a wink. He removed his hood and raised his hand. The gathering turned its attention as walked forward.
“I do.”
“Who are you?” the maazon asked.
Matt looked directly into Jihan’s eyes before he spoke, “Major Matt Stewart; United Earth Space Force.”
Someone screamed “OH MY GOD THE PROPHECY,”
Commotion started as Matt walked up to the altar and looked directly at the veiled bride. “Major Matt Stewart at your service.”
Upasana rushed to Jihan’s side in total disbelief and she held onto her when it looked like she was about to faint.
This had to be cruel hoax. Alexa thought as she bolted to confronted Matt in front of the altar, “Who the hell are you?”
            “We arrived from Earth.” The hall went silent.
“What? That’s not possible.” Alexa challenged.
“Margaret Amen sent a distress beacon to Earth. We are responding to it.”
Jihan’s grandfather grabbed Alexa by the arm and pushed her aside so hard she fell to the floor.
“Then you really are here from Earth?” He helped Jihan step down from the stage and He kissed her on her forehead and smiled. That was the first time in ages her grandfather smiled. “Let’s get you out of here.”
Jihan still veiled looked at Matt and he gave her a nod. IT’S HIM THE MAN FROM MY DREAM. “That Old Bethany was right all along.” The tears welled up in Jihan’s eyes as she removed the veil revealing her face.
THE PROPHECY” was repeated throughout the hall as the crowd emptied out of the great hall.
The Khad patrol arrived to see what was causing the commotion. Then they saw the focal point of the disturbance. From out of the hall walked a lone human in a travel cloak. The entire group of Khad turned their attention to him.
Matt waved hello. “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER.”

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