Maggie Amen couldn’t help but think about the future. She was dressed casually in simple shorts and a t-shirt, her firm body noticeable beneath the clothing. How could a worn out 50-year-old woman ever create a life for herself.
Lorne had been hanging around her all that evening, safe from the Khad, she figured he didn’t know what to do. He stole glimpses as she did things around her lodging; her red hair pulled back into a ponytail, which Lorne always thought was sexy.
“You were ardent as usual today.” She said encouragingly, squeezing on his left arm as she spoke. She smiled and stroked the top of his head. “It was so crucial.”
“That was okay, but I wish you would talk to me.”
“I don’t understand? We are talking.”
“You take me for granted. The fact is you always have.”
“Oh, no Lorne never.” she reassured him. She intended to deliver a kiss to his forehead but he anticipated her move and redirected the kiss to his lips. When she made a move to pull away he grabbed her arms. A puzzled expression glazed over her face. His hands reached up and cupped Maggie’s face holding her as his lips pressed harder against hers. Finally, after a struggle she broke free. “Why did you do that?” Maggie yelled in a harsher tone than she intended.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He began to weep.
The emotions swirled within her as she considered what had just happened. Looking back, this had probably been coming for some time. She had treated him as an adult in every other respect except one, sexually. He was a man now and apparently, he wanted her. Maggie contemplated her response thoughtfully. “You’re always welcome here, Lorne. You know that. But I’m your mother; I’m not what you want me to be.”
“But you’re not my mother. She died. What you are is a beautiful, strong woman and I love you,” he pressed against her.
“Lorne please, you know I can’t do this. Can we change the subject; I’m very uncomfortable with this one.”
Lorne too was uncertain of his future. The woman who had raised him was also the one he loved. Lorne driven by the rage in his belly hurried from her quarters. Even though he had to swallow the bitter pill of rejection, at least he knew where he stood. He didn’t know where to go but he knew he couldn’t stay there.
With the arrival of the Earth crew had there was much for him to do. He would go home to the outlands and help them get ready for the upheaval that was surely coming. Maybe he could help them establish a new government. It took him less than an hour to gather his belonging. He headed out a back entrance so no one would see him go. He felt strangely free for the first time in his life.
Meanwhile Maggie had tears rolling down her face as she ran to the entrance of the main cave. She thought for sure Lorne would think things over and return to her to talk it out some more. She never thought that he would just leave.
She had denied the one person who she was so devoted to. The one thing he desired and the very thing she was in complete control of to grant him she choose not to. He was gone. Now it was too late. She knew Lorne would not be coming back.

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