Matt quickly assembled his staff. He ordered Allison and Tatiana to search for Samantha in the shuttle from above but to avoid detection. Sending Sadia, Mike and Dr. Deforest out in teams in different directions with hand held scanners; he set out on his own over the range toward the rocky coast.

Matt had picked up a trail. He knew it was organic and from the indication small in stature. The signal caused him some doubt because it was moving in a direction that took a roundabout path. This was not a person trying to hurry their way to the cave hideout. Still it was his best lead and he wanted to locate it before dark.

Once over a rugged ridge he found a picturesque lagoon that was even more breathtaking as the sun was going down and the massive gas giant loomed in the sky. The trail was well worn and lead down to the water. Matt looked around but saw no one. He was about to move on to another location when the stream rippled. He stared for several moments, something was moving just beneath the surface of the water. Suddenly out spewed a beautiful redheaded.

There she stood in lovely nude splendor. Her wet hair spread across her face as she stretched up feeling the warmth of the sunlight on her body. She flexed tight as she stood on her tiptoes trying to get closer to the sun. When she shook her hair away from her eyes, she realized she was not alone even so she didn’t attempt to cover herself. “Well Hello there!”

“Excuse me.” Matt said turning his back to her. “I didn’t mean to intrude upon you like this.” Sammie began to walk out of the water towards him.

“So, who are you?” She said walking up behind him.

“I’m Matt Stewart, your mother and the others are looking for you.” She tried to walk around to face him but Matt kept turning away. “And they are all worried about you.”

“Oh really,” Sammie didn’t seem concerned. “Well as you can see I’m just fine.”

Matt rolled his eyes. She finally was in Matt’s view and he covered his eyes with his hand. “That’s for sure.”

“Is something wrong?”

“I’m a gentleman.”

 “Suit yourself MR. GENTLEMAN. I’m dressing now.”

Matt glanced through his fingers as Sammie walked towards the large rock to get her clothes. LORD HAVE MERCY

“They should have captured mother and the others by now.” Sammie realized something had gone wrong. “Where is my mother?”

“Back at the cave; Home Base.”

“What? She wasn’t captured by the Khad patrols?”

“No, we managed to intervene in time. It’s a good thing too or she and her group would have been slaughtered.”

“Intervened, slaughtered, who are you?”

“Major Matt Stewart, we just arrived from Earth.”

“That’s not possible.” She laughed. “How did you get here?”

“By space ship, it’s in orbit around the planet right now.”

Sammie did not intend to believe him when the shuttle swooped down to make a landing on the sand. Frightened by the massive machine she took refuge behind Matt.

“Don’t worry they’re on our side.” He assured her.

Matt kept his suspicions to himself as he watched the reunion of mother and daughter Maggie was obviously a loving mother. That wasn’t quite the case with Sammie.

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