Omar was more anxious than usual. Whenever Asim said “let’s talk,” he knew it meant trouble. The look on Asim’s face only reinforced his apprehension. “Have you made up your mind yet?”

“That’s why you are here. I need your advice.”

“You ask for advice. You’re a damn fool. That’s my advice.”

“Is that your advice?”

“Yes, yes, it is. We both know how important Jihan is to you.” Omar was sure he was over the line.

“I wish it was that simple my brother.”

“The problem is the Khad are deep up your ass.”

Asim’s face filled with rage but he said nothing.

“What about the rebels?”

“The rebels? They are all but finished.”

“Your informant? They came through?”

“Yes, far better than even I thought.”

“Well my brother I can see no other choice.”

“Will you deliver the news for me after I have departed?”

“What news?”

“I won’t be attending the Basrilian’s affair.”

“That’s right you’d rather see your princess dance one last time. Should be quite a show.”

Asim said nothing more as he rode away.



Alexa Basrilian was angry and her pacing back and forth only made the guards even more nervous. Everyone was aware that Asim had stood her up he was the one person on the planet who’d have the audacity to do it. Sean Basrilian entered the room with his usual smirk. “They’re taking bets down in the stables.” Sean plopped himself down on a comfy lounge chair and put his feet up. “The grounds crew says Lord Asim left early on horseback.”

“He was seen with your wrench too.”

“That’s because she’s a damn slut’” Sean had a hint of legitimate disgust in his voice. “I only want her talents.”

“Idiot, No one does this to me.”

“Asim, He sure did.”

“Guards,” Alexa said calling out the door. “Have my horse readied. And tell my ladies to take my riding clothes out.”

“You’re not going after him, are you?” Sean said laughing.

“This is the third time he’s rejected my invitation.”

“Maybe he’s trying to tell you something?”

“I know exactly where he is going.” She said.

“This is unusual even for you. You won’t get within 50 feet of their camp.” Sean laughed good and hardy.

“Shut the hell up brother!” She fumed knowing she had failed again to get hold of Asim. If she couldn’t control Asim maybe she would have no choice but to kill him. In her present condition, such a thing was well within reason.



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