Matt hardly slept but his exhausted crewmates sure did. Up early he scurried about the camp. He noticed that Maggie was nowhere to be found. Always the mission on his mind He had more than a few questions he needed answered. Matt found the adjacent cave empty but past it was an opening that led out into a beautiful gorge. He walked down a well-established path some distance until he reached a waterfall.

The waterfall rose above the edge of a trough, where a stream or river flowing continued to flow into the valley. There Maggie stood in the wet stream of water naked staring out into the distance. He cleared his throat loudly and she realized he was there. She ducked into the heavy bushes and smiled embarrassed. “That’s close enough. This is usually my private area.”

“Forgive me; I didn’t realize you were indisposed.”

“It’s okay please come closer.” He stood behind a bush.

“This waterfall is incredible. This would be a Class 10 Waterfall back on Earth.” Matt said surprising Maggie with his knowledge on the subject.

“I see you know your waterfalls.” Maggie laughed. “We call her Antlers. She gets the name from her shape. This one flows where two rivers joined downstream. The falls stand about 50 meters high and it gets its water from the melting snow.”

“The Lord sure makes some beautiful worlds.”

“Lord?” Maggie questioned. “You believe in God, Major?”

“Of cause, we’re here, aren’t we?” Matt said.

“With us left to suffer for years.” Maggie chided.

“Be glad we still have an Earth.”


“We almost lost her.” Matt realized word of the war would not have reached them here. “There was a war, but you had no way of knowing that.”

“There’s always some war on Earth.” Maggie answered surly.

“This one was against another planet, the Taurus Empire.”

Maggie looked startled as if she had been awakened with cold water in the face. She stepped into the open wet and shivering. “I must tell the others!” Maggie stopped bright red threw a shirt over herself. “You’re obviously being very kind.”

Matt smiled a boyish grin. After a moment, Maggie had tears running down her face. “it looks like we made off far better than our brethren on Earth.” Maggie finished getting dressed grabbed Matt by the hand and led him back to the main cave where everyone had gathered.

A young man yelled. “Maggie Come quickly!”

“What’s going on?”

“Sam is missing!”

“Sam?” Matt wanted to know.

“My daughter Samantha,” Maggie said.

“How long has she been missing?”

A group of young girls stepped forward. “She was supposed to meet us before sundown but she never showed.” 

“Don’t worry Maggie we’ll find her.” Lorne said.

“We have environment trackers on the shuttle.”

“Excellent, oh thank you so much Major.”

Matt could see the frown form on Lorne’s face.



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