Alexa was both angry and relieved Sean was nowhere in sight, she had enough to worry about with the arranged marriage. It had been quite some time since the Khad were present in close proximally with the village elders. The older they got the more embolden they had become. The big fear for Alexa and Governor Lee tog was how Lord Omori Shi would react.

The House of Basrilian being the first to pledge their allegiance to the Khad Regime owned the entire desert, its land, the mines with its material goods and its people. They received full share of all crops, products, and trade and could order the death of anyone they desired.

Alexa relentlessly made public displays of her power and her links to the Khad. Despised by the other Houses, she cared little for the suffering of others. At first, her loyalty was most puzzling to the Reptilian Khad but they learned to welcome it since it made the occupation much easier.

Asim knew that the dwellers were in line to have more control over the desert and he wanted his share. Asim and she had never seen eye to eye. He didn’t trust her. He was determined to make sure Alexa got always with nothing.

To placate the other Houses Sean would have to marry Jihan. To that end, Alexa knew her younger brother was more interested in wine and girls Even a virgin would not change that.

“Are you more OSIRIS than APHRODITE?” Shi inquired.

“The Earth wine had gotten to his head.” Tor noted.

“Are you not as such?” Shi demanded. “Which are you?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know much Earth history.”

Shi was genuinely baffled. “Your own history, these creatures know little of their heritage yet claim to give allegiance to a God in the sky. I just don’t understand.”

“They were abandoned here were they not?” Tor added.

Alexa had enough. “What do you want to know about me?”

“You I know all I need to know. You were twelve of years when your father made you the heir to the Basrilian House. Despite being female, he trusted you more than he trusted your brother. So, you see I know you very well.”

 Omori rarely spoke to humans in this manner and Leeg Tor was impressed. “I take it that you consider Alexa as an equal?”

“Do I?” Omori caught himself. “I do, but that doesn’t mean I trust her. You want power?” Omori gloated. “Like Asim,”

 “You’re right you can’t trust me.” Alexa snapped. “On the contrary, I’d just as soon put a dagger in your back.”

Leeg Tor smirked. “We’re ally if were in power.”

“You will be joining me at the ceremony?”

Lee tog hugged Omori Shi. “We won’t be attending.” Leeg Tor admitted. “It’s better that way for all concerned.”


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