Sterile the Desert we have lately entered

The Basrilian palace compound despite being settled in the middle of the desert was remarkably grand and The Basrilian’s lived lavishly. The most fascinating feature was the garden with its water channels, lotus pools and colorful flowerbeds and trees. One could easily call it an oasis. During the dusk hours, it reflected the fiery shades of the setting sun.

The House of Basrilian being the first to pledge their allegiance to the Khad Regime owned the entire desert, its land, the mines with its material goods and its people. They received full share of all crops, products, and trade and could order the death of anyone they desired. At first their loyalty was most puzzling to the Reptilian Khad but they learned to welcome it since it made the occupation much easier.

Asim knew that the dwellers were in line to have more control over the desert and he wanted his share. Asim and she had never seen eye to eye. He didn’t trust her. He was determined to make sure Alexa got always with nothing.

Alexa waited at the front gate like a royal queen her entourage around her. “Welcome to the House of Basrilian.” Alexa said as she strolled closer to greet them personally. Alexa’s outfit was see-through and completely revealing.

Asim had to admit that she was a strikingly beautiful woman and her body visible through her sheer dress made him excited. Still he would never let her know he desired her in any way. He would kill her before he would let her have control over him.

As for the KHAD they found humans hairy and disgusting. Omori Shi was aware of Alexa’s prowess over human men. Asim could see even more of her body and Alexa was conscious of his reluctant gaze. “See anything you like Asim?” She said trying to rouse him.

“You have nothing I want.” Asim said flatly.

“Liar,” Alexa said moving toward her other guests and stopping in front of the Khad representatives. “How nice to see you again lord Shi. And Governor Tor you’ve gained weight.”

“Thank you, so nice of you to have noticed.”

“Enough greetings, where is your brother?” Shi demanded.

“He’s off sowing his wild oats.” Alexa said indifferently.

“What is this wild oat?” Shi looked at Tor and then Asim who was steaming with anger. “Is he not a man already?”

Asim demanded to know. “He’s with Samantha, isn’t he?”

“I swear I don’t see what you two see in that tattered heifer.” Alexa said confirming Asim’s suspicion. “Besides in a few days the cow will be all yours. Sean will have his hands full with his virgin princess.” Alexa knew her words would incise Asim and they did. He abruptly rode off leaving the others puzzled.

“Sean will be ready for his marriage I hope?” Tor asked.           

“Don’t you worry, he’ll be there.” She called over her entourage. “See to our guess they must be tired from there long journey through the desert.”

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