Sammie Amen knew just how to keep Sean Basrilian’s attention. This time was no different. Even though he was at the mercy of his sister’s plan to carry out the wishes of the Khad. Still he couldn’t stay away.

“So, do tell again why you are marrying that spoiled brat.”

“She’s the heir to the House of Aurora. My sister and I will have control over the two principal houses on the planet.”

“Is that all?” Sammie said mockingly.

“Is that all, are you crazy?”

“Will that bring the rebels home?” Sammie was serious. Sean knew how she felt about her mother struggling to survive.

“They have to stop fighting.” Sean remained her.

“My mother is never going to stop.” Her voice had the sound of utter defeat. “I’ve tried all I could to make her understand. I’m done trying.” Sean wasn’t sure what it was but he could sense that something was different about Sammie. He was about to ask her what had changed when he heard his name being called.

“Master Sean!” His servant Frost said trying to catch his breath from running all the way to the outer compound.

“What are you doing here?” Sean asked annoyed to see him.

“They are looking for you. Lord Asim and the Khad are,” Sammie’s eyes widened when she heard Asim’s name.

“You must go Sean, this sounds important.” Sammie insisted. Sean was surprised by Sammie’s attitude since she had never cared about regime affairs before.

“Please master you must come now.”

“Go Sean, I promise I’ll meet with you before the wedding.” she kissed him passionately and then ran off through the villa. For now, he would undoubtedly have to face the furor of his sister.



Jihan couldn’t stand being fessed over, it was quite possible every servant in the village was there making a nuance of themselves. Her helper Upasana laughed to herself as she watched. “This is ridiculous makeup they want me to wear. That’s the last straw. Why for goodness sake, I’m gonna be veiled.”

“Would everybody take a break please?” Upasana yelled in an authoritative voice.

“Sometimes being annoying is a good thing.” Jihan said.

“If that was a compliment I’ll take it.”

“Oh, Sana you know I love you. Who else puts up with me?”

“Who else indeed,” Upasana was never subtle. “A week ago, you were beyond depressed. Dr. Samuel was worried about suicide.” Jihan covered up her giddy smile with her hand. “What’s gotten into you?”

“My prayers have been answered.”

“Sean Basrilian is the answer to your prayers?”

“No but my Spaceman is.”

“You still believe in that fairytale. I knew it you’ve gone crazy. I’m calling Dr. Samuel.”

“Don’t you dare?”

“The Houses voted in favor of this Marriage. In other words: there’s no getting out of it.”

“I’d forgotten your skill for making everyone miserable.”

“You’re planning not to marry Sean?”

Jihan gave a wry smile. “You never know.”



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