The Khad met up with Asim’s caravan as night fell. For the Khad it was always a show of might and the procession that accompanied them was purposely extravagant. The pomp did not sit well with either but they had grown accustomed.

The Khad demanded a marriage between the House of Aurora and the House of Basrilian. The tribal Settlements, led by House of Basrilian, House of Aurora, Desert Dwellers, and the Outlanders have distinct society norms leading to long lasting rivalries between different clans.

The Khad hoped the arranged marriage would decrease the talk of rebellion that had begun to spread. Only one other time the Khad had to quell an uprising. That came about due to work on an asteroid off world using young men and women from desert tribes. Hundreds of new members joined the rebellion.

More than a few references had been made to the resemblance the Khad armada had to the NAZI’S of Earth history. Presumably the Khad would have considered the THIRD REICH a noteworthy symbol and the concept of an Aryan race of the human species something of respect. They were ruled by Omori Shi, which translated from the original Khad means CHARACTER OF GRAVE IMPORTANCE.”

 Personally, he believed humans to be of no value. That’s the reason the Khad Ruling body sent Leeg Tor to be Governor. They knew living slaves were more productive than dead ones. Governor Tor brought cooperation with the settlers.

Up ahead Asim noticed, Omori Shi was waiting for him and he rode toward him. “Is there something you want Lord.”

“Tell me more about this Genghis Khad. You say he was a great king all the while a drunkard who required hundreds of wives yet responsible for mass-destruction. He is the human you most admire?”

“He had POWER. By the way it’s Genghis Khan.”

“The power to crush your enemies,” Omori wailed.


“And that is all you understand is it not?”

“Does my desire for power frighten you?” Asim asked.

“Your indifference toward your own species is puzzling but I’m not frightened, I know you would never defy me.”

“Well Then, you have nothing to worry about.”

Overhearing the conversation Leeg Tor joined the exchange; “Then there’s the subject of Princess Aurora,” Then Leeg Tor spoke directly to Asim. “Rumor has it that you are her protector.”

Asim suddenly had an angry look that surprised both. “That’s none of your business.” He rode ahead.

“Now that should worry you.” Leeg Tor said to Omori.

The mighty caravan allowed its collective momentum to ebb and came to a stop.

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