Matt invited Maggie over to see his projection on the cave wall. There larger than life was Lt. Commander Quinn staring back at them.

“Finding and establishing contact with the Rebels was a stroke of luck. We have to set up meetings with their leaders.”

Dr. Shenckler a tall buxom woman stepped into the frame. “Major Stewart I expect to see you and your team in the infirmary for a complete exam sometime within the next 24 hours.”

“And the rebels,” Quinn asked her.

“It will take time to examine them all but from the initial reports the health of the rebels is surprisingly good.”

“Conrad here,” A burly gray hair man with a grimace said.

“Yes Chief.”

“I’m the one who runs the operations of the ship. Before taking any equipment any at all you need to report to me.”

“Are you referring to the power packs?”

“Chief, not now. That’s not important.”

“It won’t happen again.” Matt told them.

“See that it doesn’t.” Conrad looked directly at the monitor. “I’ll be watching you.”

Quinn was annoyed but did nothing to undermine his Chief’s authority. “He runs a tight ship.”

“You’re telling me.”

“We weren’t supposed to make contact.” Keiko Matsui said from out of the view.

Everyone was surprised by her complaint. “We had no choice.” Matt responded.

“You have a right to your opinion Dr. Matsui but you have no right to question the landing party after they risked their lives?”

“Yes, I understand that, but he engaged Alien troops?”

“Yes, and I take full responsibility.”

“That still doesn’t answer why you did it against orders?”

“TO FUCKING SAVE OUR LIVES,” Maggie broke into conversation in a heavy Irish brogue.

The command crew stood stunned. “I’d like to introduce the leader of the rebels; Margret Amen.” Matt moved over and Maggie flushed with embarrassment stepped into the frame.

“Sorry for the outburst Captain.”

“We are all happy that you and your people are safe.”

“whoever that was asking the question, I can guarantee to you my people and I would be dead had your crew not intervened.”

Keiko’s face stiffened. She gathered herself. “So who gave Stewart permission to bring her into this?”

Quinn had enough, “Keiko, into the hall now,”.

“Of cause Jim.” They stepped out the room.

Deforest looked over at Matt. “See what you started?”


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