Old man Peters stepped out of the dark night into the lights just as Jihan rushed from the compound and bumped into Peters almost knocking him down. “Oh, gosh I’m so sorry.”


“What’s so important to bring me out at night?” Peters pulled out an old-time compass that shined in the moonlight. “Maybe, it’s your birthday?”


Jihan gushed when she saw it. “That’s the one from your personal collection. You can’t be giving it to me.”


“You my dear are more special as my collection. So what’s up?”


“I called for you because I have something to share with you.” She hesitated to continue. “You are the only person I trust to tell this to. They’re here!” Jihan shouted.




“The rescue ship from Earth, I saw it.”


“Are you sure?”


“I know what I saw. It wasn’t Khad. It established an orbital radius that was less than 300 kilometers and then decelerated into a low orbit, and then fired its rockets to course and enter a final trajectory along our hemisphere.” She said all in one breathe.


“Breathe, you’re about to hyperventilate. “I guess there’s no point arguing.”


“I wish I wasn’t marrying Sean.” Peter’s expression changed to anger startling her and she took a step backward. “After what Bethany told me,”


“What exactly did Bethany tell you?”


“She told me I would marry a spaceman from Earth.”


“Old Bethany, the prophecy.”


“Do you believe in the Prophecy?”


“I’ve always been in awe of Bethany’s ability.” Peter’s stopped, “But what of this arranged marriage?” 


She looked up at Peters with her beautiful eyes welling up. “Well, now that the prophecy seems to be coming true.”


“I suppose you think this changes everything?” Peters’ face ran cold, His gaze off into the night. “The three celestial bodies are in the same night sky. The occasion for a Royal marriage to take place.” He sighed, “Unfortunately more believe in the Khad armada than do they in Bethany and her prophecy.”


“I know what you are trying to say, I have responsibilities to the people and the House of Aurora. No matter who arrives from Earth I can’t disregard responsibility.”


“I grow more proud of you with each passing day. Having said that the truth is I no one knows what the future holds; except for maybe Bethany.”


Jihan laughed hardily. “Thank you, Peters, I love you.”


“There you go again trying to give me a heart attack.”


“Well good night.” She kissed his cheek and went inside.


“Good night.” I hope your ready



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