Class G: our Sun. Alpha Centauri A, Capella, Tau Ceti

Class F: Procyon

Class K: Alpha Centauri B, Epsilon Eridani, Aldebaran


Mars (Sol System) Terrestrial Army

Alpha Centauri Proxima Station

82 Eridani (Interstellar Fleet)

Epsilon Indi A (Extraterrestrial Army

Tau Ceti (United Earth Space Force)

47 Ursa Major (Sector One)

Procyon A (Advanced Military Science and Tech TRAP DOOR)

58 Eridani (Star Gate to Great Divide)

61 Cygni A (Special Forces Annex – Top Secret)

Alpha Sigma Epsilon (Far Side Station)

Vega United Colonies (Independent Colonial Marines)

 Earth-Dom Colonies and bases

58&82 Eridani: Military Bases

Omicron2: Science Station Planet 4

Alpha Centauri B: Space Station Proxima Centauri

Tau Ceti: Full Earth Colonies, on Aries 3, Cetus 4

18 Scorpio: Science Bases on planets 3 & 5

51 Pegasus: Science and Exploration bases on planets 3 & 4

Eta Cassiopeia: Earth Colony on Achird 4,

Alpha Cassiopeia: Earth Colony on Shedir,

Beta Cassiopeia: Earth Colony on Caph,

Delta Cassiopeia: Earth Colony on Ruchbah,

Epsilon Cassiopeia: Earth Colony on Segin,

Theta Cassiopeia: Earth Colony on Marfak,

Mu Cassiopeia: Independent Colonies on Yamagata & Ikari

61 Cygni A&B: Main Command Deneb, Cygni A/Military Cygni B

VEGA Alpha: Independent Colony/Main Planet Lyrae

Wolf 359: Earth Colony

Lalande: Major Science Center

Barnard’s star: Major Transportation Hub on Ophiuchus


Alpha Centauri Proxima is the triple-star system just 4.35 light-years away. The Earth Station there is the entry port to the CANALS; a series of wormholes linking the entire sector. It’s believed some ancient race artificially created them to allow advanced civilizations to travel to other Solar Systems. The Canals are not even halfway explored by Earth ships. The hub at Alpha Centauri is the link to the planet Earth itself.

Tau Ceti is in the same brightness category as our sun. It’s compared to the sun, long-lived enough for life forms to evolve. It is the first system colonized by Earth.

Epsilon Indi A, about 11.8 light-years from Earth. It’s a star somewhat cooler than our sun, and was recently found to have a brown-dwarf companion.

Epsilon Eridani, 10.5 light-years away, is a star somewhat  cooler than our sun, and is already home to a full colony on its one habitable planet.

Omicron 2 Eridani, also known as 40 Eridani. It’s a yellow-orange star about 16 light-years away, and is roughly the same age as our sun. It is home to Earth’s largest Military Base beyond Alpha Centauri.

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