Lorne looked over and gave Maggie a look of confidence then signaled for people to take up their positions again. He made a move to stand up and she grabbed him and pulled him back deeply stirred by the boy who had become a man, “Please don’t be a hero.”

Lorne wanted to tell her how he really felt about her especially if this was the end and hugged her.

She thought for a moment the hug was a little too robust but there was no point in stopping him. She opened her eyes and was about to say something to him when she saw a black object hurtling down the side of the cliff. Maggie screamed.

Lorne pulled away, “I’m sorry I guess I got carried away,” then realizing Maggie was staring up at the cliff wall. He turned just in time to see The Black armored figure make a last second summer-sort into a pinpoint landing, quickly stood upright and started walking toward the Khad soldiers.


Startled at first the Khad just stood there looking at each other. Then the Khad leader aimed and fired his energy bolt that hit Matt directly in his chest sending him flying backwards. Maggie screamed in horror as the black shape slammed into the cliff wall.

The Khad returned focus to the rebels but stopped in astonishment as the armored figure got back to his feet pointing his gloved finger at them. None had a chance as a laser beam severed three of their heads and sent them rolling like bowling ball along the ground.

The remaining Khad fired back but this time an energy shield formed around the armor and the bolts ricocheted off it in all directions. The finger laser beam fired cutting several Khad soldiers in half as the rest scattered behind the rocks.

Maggie and the others looked on stunned. Then much to her horror the ground began to rumble beneath their feet. It was the Khad’s heavy artery vehicles rolling into view.

The Tanks wasted no time and fired bolts much more potent than the rods could produce. Much to everyone’s surprise the fearless Black Knight changed tactics and began dodging the blast while taking shots at the vehicle.

Since his laser wasn’t strong enough to pierce the tank’s plating so he took cover behind the rocks. Suddenly laser beams filled the air as four black forms made their way down the side of the cliff firing as they came. Together the four lasers did enough to halt the armored vehicles assault.

Just then, the loud roar of the shuttle thrusters hovered above the armored vehicle. “STAND DOWN OR WE WILL OPEN FIRE.”

The tanks made a feeble attempt to turn their barrels on the Shuttle but not fast enough, the shuttle fired its pulse cannons blasting all three to smithereens. The Khad were on the run.

Cheers rang out as the now ecstatic rebels ran from their cover. “We needed a miracle,” Reba said to Maggie as she hugged her. “And here it is. Who are these people?”

Maggie waved her hands in the air and They hushed as she stepped forward to be the first to greet them. “Who are you?”

An inaudible muffled sound came from the Armor. Realizing his helmet speaker was damaged and not working he removed his helmet. With a big smile, he introduced himself. “Major Matt Stewart, United Earth Space Force.”

Instead of looking happy, Maggie turned serious. “But how did you get here?”

“We received your signal; the one you sent to Earth.”

The others were now ecstatic applauding.

“That’s enough!” Maggie yelled. Everyone was surprised to see she was furious. “You mean you’ve just arrived from Earth.”

“Yes, we’re here to rescue you.”

“Well then you’re THIRTY YEARS TOO LATE!


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