Hidden behind clouds the peak was bombarded the winds blowing strongly with blizzard like conditions over the plateaus. The severe high winds had carried much of the snow from the mountain’s peak becoming avalanche traps all the down to the Valleys below.

            Matt had enjoyed the view a minute too long. An incredible sight the clouds came rushing back. He used his laser equipped finger drilling an indentation into the side of the rock big enough for his gloved hand to fit in to hold on.

Finally making his way to the top he figured to find the group collapsed from exhaustion. Even with their suits, enhanced with bionics at full power the journey they had made was formable for even a trained climber. To his surprise, he found the assembled team standing and staring at something in the distance.

Matt Stewart looked over his assembled team who made up the search party. The team included Senior Tech Sargent Bob “OD” O’Donovan and his younger brother junior tech Mike, Pilot Alison Mundy, and Navigator Tatiana Duran. There was also Civilian Dr. Joseph Deforest the mission Science Officer who had space time hours under his belt and astrophysicist Sadia Mirza only a few years out of the Academy.

“Can I get a hand here guys?”

 “Greeting’s from the top of the world.” Sgt. Bob O’Donovan said. “Now the fun starts.”

 “Matt, you’ve got to see this.” Sadia said calling over to him her voice booming over the helmet intercoms.

“No need to yell.” He joked as he made it to his feet. His attention suddenly turned to the sight that had them mesmerized.

“Look at that?” Sadia caught herself from using high volume.

There in the distance stood a Ziggurat shaped transponder towering into the twilight sky. The base of the beacon system used stayed in one place, but could rotate on its foundation to change the direction of the large antenna.

“This is totally amazing!” Dr. Deforest added.

“The best place to put a beacon to signal Earth was right up here at the very top.” Sadia asserted herself. “Looks like I was right after all.

“But how did they get up here?” Deforest shouted.

O’D was eager to join the conversation. “Doctor Deforest was concerned about high altitude creating a Dead zone.”

“What makes you say that Doctor?” Sadia said getting mad.

 “No one could survive this high up into the dead zone.”

“What if they had spacesuits like we do?” Sadia added.

“I never considered that.” Deforest admitted.

“This would be the best place to put a beacon to send a message to earth. It’s above the ion level. She concluded.

“Well somebody sent a signal.” Matt said.

“And that’s where it originated?” Sgt. O’Donovan lamented.

 “Is that okay with you Dr. Deforest?” Sadia retorted.

 “Is that a frown Dr. Deforest?” Matt asked. “It’s obvious, with great difficulty and shit.”


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