Lorne was tall and thin but quite fit and the small but sturdy Rebels followed his lead. Despair’s Ridge got its name from the older Rebels. This was the place where the defiance first started 30 years ago, and Lorne feared this was where it would end.

He couldn’t help but notice that Maggie her reddish hair and her muscular body didn’t look like it belonged to a woman at least fifty-year-old. He wanted to tell Maggie how he really felt about her, but she taught him never to be selfish. He knew this was not the time. Even if he had to take it to his grave, he would not disappoint her.

Maggie and the group had dragged their tired bodies to a clearing on the ridge just below the summit tower of Heaven’s Peak. To have a chance they would have to climb the eighty meters almost straight up to the top.

Lorne and the two lads were young and had a chance. The rest were older and loyal to a fault. Loyalty that would cost them their lives. “We’ll never make it up that climb we have to find another way off the ridge,” Maggie confided to Lorne.

“There is no other way out.”

“There has to be, I can’t let it end like this.”

“Well than, we’re not giving up without a fight.”

The onslaught had been worse than any Maggie had experienced before. They had not come to capture, but to kill. She was most upset for Lorne. He had believed in her, following her like a loyal soldier never questioning her. Had she led him to his death?

“We only have sixteen rounds left.” Lorne reported.

“Only shoot when absolutely necessary.” Maggie almost laughed at how feeble that sounded. Maggie gathered her things and grabbed her flight jacket which was given to her by Captain Aurora her first time at the rebel camp hideaway,

MAGGIE?The Captain gestured. “You’re freezing here take my jacket.” He put his jacket around her. “You keep this.” She sobbed unrestrained and let herself fall forward where the Captain cradled her in his arms.

How many times had she dreamed of Captain Aurora holding her but not like this? Not for this reason. Maggie took a deep breath to get her bearings and she put the jacket on. “We have to keep moving away from the rebel base.”



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