The ship barreled toward the ledge in Sadia’s direction. The landing gear slammed into the frozen ground deep enough to leave jagged gashes and Then slid toward her and Deforest tackled her out of the way.

Matt knew he had to do something and fast. He whipped his free hand forward pulling himself up till he could throw his legs over into the doorway. The shuttle bucked again, tearing itself from the ledge. Matt had gotten his feet into the door just in time as the shuttle suddenly shifted again, this time it rose abruptly coming above the ledge.

The shuttle continued to rise, and Alison had even managed to get it to hover over the ledge again. Matt not willing to take any more chances hurtled out of the door landing with surprising ease on the ledge. O’D sprinted over to help Deforest and Sadia but before he could she had bounced to her feet and leaped into Matt’s arms.

“Is everyone alright?” Alison asked over the Com Link.

“What happened? How did you get the shuttle to work?”

“You can thank Tatiana for that.” Alison informed them.

“It’s an old Army trick…” Tatiana said joining the conversation. “I simply juiced the fuel with ions. That stabilized the mix.”

“I owe you two a drink when we get back.” Matt exclaimed.

“I’m hoping for more than that.” Alison added ruefully.

“What is that supposed to mean.” Sadia barked.

“He can’t help it.” Deforest said laughing. “He’s Captain Kirk.”

“Are you okay Mike.” O’D inquired worried.

“I’m A-Okay brother.”

“Take care of the girls.”

“You two are damn good pilots.” Matt added.

“See you guys at the bottom.”

The shuttle hurried over the side and out of sight.

“Now the fun part begins.” O’D said gathering his things.

That was when Matt noticed something on the side of the mountain wall “Well I’ll be damn.” On it were the initials HA.

 “H-A, who could that have been?” Sadia wondered aloud.

“Hanif Amen, the founder of the expedition. He himself went to the top.”

“Do you think he’s still alive?” O’D asked.

“Well there’s only one way to find out and shit.” Matt started his climb.