New Star Horizon—Hard Landing

Matt waved for Sadia, helping her to the door. She moved with him, but the hard rushing wind pushed at her, making it hard to move forward even with Matt’s help. Sadia hesitated at the door.

Matt yelled at her. “Storm did you increase your bionic setting?” Sadia tapped her wrist controls again and her suit began to stiffen up. She took a deep breath, and then nodded at Matt. He helped her step out the ship and makes the jump several feet to the ledge making a perfect landing. “Everyone makes sure you’re on full power before you go,” Matt announced to the team.

When Sadia’s feet slammed into the frozen ground but she hardly felt it as the force was absorbed by the suit. Though the wind battered her Sadia could ease forward despite the blizzard coming from overhead as well. Matt marveled at this brave young woman. She had more pure guts than any woman he’d ever known. That’s probably why he was wild about her.

 Not being used to walking on full power Sadia fell forward, catching herself on her hands. Once she was certain of her coordination she was upright again like a pro. She signaled A-Okay to the others and stood clear.

Matt signaled O’D forward. Just as O’D stood in the door, Mike pulled his brother toward him and they embraced in a hug. Then O’D stood at the door and started to inch his way forward.

Both Matt and Deforest held O’D as the shuttle suddenly bucked as it struggled to stay aloft in the thin air. O’D’s feet slipped and he very nearly fell. Matt pulled him upright and steadied him. “Let the suit do the work.”

Sadia seeing the struggle moved back towards the shuttle. She reached for O’D’s hand and he reached for her, leaning forward till he had no choice but to keep going. Together they both guided Deforest to the ground, Mike and Matt threw out supplies and equipment and the team gathered them and placed them where the wind would do the least harm.



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