“We’ll Always Have Paris”

In this episode, the Enterprise respond to a distress call from Dr. Paul Manheim (Rod Loomis). Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) must deal with his former love Jenice (Michelle Phillips), who is now Manheim’s wife.

I thought that Michele Phillips was “incredibly radiant” a Star Trek fan, is better known for being a member of the 1960s group The Mamas & the Papas.

I later read that fans complained of a lack of chemistry between Michelle Phillips and Patrick Stewart, but I personally believed they played it just right. Captain Kirk might take advantage of the situation but Picard never would.

More over the conflicted nature of the Phillips character was committed to her husband but also wanted to see Picard once more. It probably could have been the most romantic episode in the world but it was toned down to fit into a sci-fi episode.

The story of the episode was influenced by the film Casablanca, “We’ll Always Have Paris” is named in reference to the Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman film Casablanca as well as the title of the episode and the love triangle in the story, the Blue Parrot Café from the film is directly mentioned by Captain Picard.

The image of 24th century Paris was a matte painting, Paris, 22 years previously on April 9th, “a warm spring day”, Picard and Jenice use the holodeck to recreate one more encounter at a Paris café, before she returns with her husband to the planet.

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