The Best of the Best Character Actors Part 1


Did is no where near a complete list:

Pretty Maids all in a Row (1978)

Martin Milner has passed on at age 83.

ITS’ hard to believe that Martin started as a Child actor with Roddy McDowell, Peter Lawford, Elizabeth Taylor and many others in the late 1940’s. He moved on to TV in 1960 and managed to be in TWO Classic TV Shows: R.I.P.

T.V. Roles

1960–1964 Todd Stiles Route 66 116 episodes

1968–1975 Officer Pete Malloy Adam-12 174 episodes

Cross Over As Officer Pete Malloy

1968  Dragnet Episode: “Internal Affairs: DR-20”

1971 The D.A. Episode: “The People vs. Saydo”

1972–1976 Emergency! 3 episodes

1975–1976 Karl Robinson Swiss Family Robinson 20 episodes

1988 MacGyver Coach Turk Donner Episode: “Thin Ice”

1989 Nashville Beat Captain Brian O’Neal with Adam-12 co-star Kent McCord

1990 MacGyver James MacGyver Episode: “Passages”

1992 Life Goes on Harris Cassidy 5 episodes

1994 Robocop: The Series Russell Murphy 2 episodes

Film Roles

1947 Life with Father John Day

1949 Sands of Iwo Jima Pvt. Mike McHugh

1951 Halls of Montezuma Whitney

1951 Operation Pacific Ens. Caldwell

1955 Mister Roberts Shore Patrol Officer

1955 Francis in the Navy W.T. ‘Rick’ Rickson

1956 On the Threshold of Space Lt. Mort Glenn

1957 Sweet Smell of Success Steve Dallas Credited as Marty Milner

1957 Desk Set Bit Part Uncredited

1957 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral James Earp

1959 Compulsion Sid Brooks

1960 13 Ghosts Benjamin Rush

1966 Ski Fever Brian Davis

1967 Valley of the Dolls Mel Anderson

1968 Sullivan’s Empire

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