Tribute to one of my favorite actors of all time: Roy Scheider

Roy sometimes played the tough guy but later became the prototype for the everyman. His body of work is quite amazing and he was one of those actors that was always acting. Like Ernest Borgnine, Richard Crenna, Danny Aiello and recently Jonny Depp and Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis.

Here’s a few Pictures from Roy’s career: tonylobianco3 500px-Sevenups_36_2 imagesPQYISWX8 The French Connection - Gene Hackman Roy Scheider French-Connection-Signature-Series-BD_05 600full-the-french-connection-screenshot

Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder




roy large_jaws_blu-ray_x0href=0210%20ROY%20SCHEIDER all that jazz 02 AllThatJazz All-That-Jazz-1979

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